My Playthrough of Lightning Link Casino

hi everyone today I’m going to go to a game called lightning link casino. Now attach a snap also the first time, so let’s get to it and see how long it’s going to take me to lose it all. That’s my ultimate goal. I see us begin your mission to display here the other yadda. Don’t care about your hands get me to the game. There now alright so this is the game started with current virtual courses that the developers allowed me here of 10 mills.

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Let’s get to it. The steam axe bad is this okay I know that so this – of that what was it before yeah was I guess 200,000. Saturday I cooked a nice bad with over half a million. ok, let’s do let’s see if we will be allowed to spend more than a few times before I lose everything here. What a spare didn’t I, in fact, keep going. Let’s see that’s the 8000 my guess is we can adjust yes and then I should happen just a little like peanut payout even there maybe which is kind of expected. let’s see so basically my dad was fixing to have milling away play much back yeah okay keep on moving and they’re almost halfway there play much back from the handset what I just now yeah million I have no big deal so yeah um so just a but I’m halfway there start with 10 million play max bet I’m almost down to half of that let’s see if I’ll make it all the way to nothing or will I fail in my quest for the first session oh I knew it was ok sounds like I got any money

welcome over 5 dollars I get 5 million so let me get this straight I started with 10 million I’m down to like nothing already less than 3 million and lo and behold I mean they crossed out 1 million I guess where they tried to tell me that before I could have gotten for $5.00. I could have bought myself 1 million for actual currency and we know how good that is and what its purpose is but now I mean I can buy instead what I can buy five times that five million at a price of five dollars for this welcome offer only while supplies last law he okay thank you but no thank you so I see do we have a new max bad now or not two million was it before yeah it’s a new much bad so this basically at this point allows me to spin one more time and if I want something to let’s see if the service won’t stay here so basically already out of everything ah now that’s why I didn’t take more folks I guys admit to that this was like what about five minutes ago that that’s funny so those it is filling up to half a million right now now that’s a Larry that is truly hilarious see ya to wash it out yeah no

I can’t do anything so yeah folks there you have it this session pretty much went by before we started so I haven’t even gone about 20,000 that’s a waste of waste my time here and anybody’s ass for that matter so yeah this was extremely painless he was all before I even started and yeah that’s really yep that’s all there is to this game so now that I did it and you aware what it’s all about I think it’s fair to say as to if you were to try to do what I did how long you last before you lose everything alright folks so and as always let’s see as always as well here’s something about that so I have to say so oh yeah here we go we have the absent notifications yeah lightning link and what I do to bad boy such as this well the same I do to the good boys that I should allow me to win I just go ahead Sam pop up in the way through all cloud up their o clock by lightning link you will not be missed not today in that hour thanks for watching folks.